Target CIC is a community business; accountable to the local community and generating positive local impact. Target exists to improve and enhance the lives of people living in Toxteth, Dingle and the surrounding areas.

We achieve this through the coordination of activities from community assets that provide opportunities that would otherwise not exist; opportunities to connect with others and develop friendships, participate in meaningful activity, participate in sports and social activity, contribute to the place in which people live, provide a sense of belonging and a space they can feel proud of.

At Target CIC, we will continue to build on the work we have already established in local communities through the provision of an extended, enhanced sports and social offer across both Admiral Park and Stanyfields sites, utilising community assets to deliver activity that promotes and supports community resilience.

Target CIC’s mission is to meet local, social need by returning assets to community use, improving outcomes and increasing opportunities for local people.

  • Community designed and run
  • Membership by residency
  • Community and member informed programme of activity
  • Inclusive
  • Trusted
  • Uniquely positioned to respond to our communities

Our Team